Constellation Brands Fengshui What’s next for ‘Stars’? Stars in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ sequel are getting a new name

What’s next for ‘Stars’? Stars in ‘The Hunger Games: Mockingjay’ sequel are getting a new name

The Hunger Games series is getting a name change, and the star of the film will be getting a bigger role.

The first film in the franchise, which is set 20 years after the events of the first film, has been renamed “Mockingjay,” the Hollywood Reporter reported.

The announcement was made by Lionsgate Entertainment president and CEO Steve Goldman during the Hollywood premiere of the movie in Los Angeles on Sunday.

The movie will now be called “The Hunger,” and the main character will be played by Oscar winner Charlize Theron.

“The film’s story has evolved and will be expanded upon,” Goldman said during the premiere.

The film’s director, Suzanne Collins, previously announced that she and the film’s stars, Jennifer Lawrence and Matt Damon, were getting a sequel in 2018.

“I feel very excited about the new chapter, as it’s our vision for the future of the franchise,” said Collins, who also wrote the screenplay.

The two stars are also getting new roles.

“We are thrilled to be getting to work on the sequel, ‘Mocking’ The Hunger,” Collins said.

“There’s no other word to describe how thrilled we are that it is now our time to bring Mocking to life.”

“The world is hungry for something bigger, and Mocking is the story of the revolution,” Damon said in a statement.

“As the world becomes a better place, we want to make sure that everyone has access to food, and we hope that Mocking will help inspire the world in the right direction.”

In the original film, the rebels from the fictional city of Mockingbird Hills battle the titular Mockingbirds and the other revolutionaries who oppose them.

The new movie will introduce more characters, including a young boy named Mocking, who lives in a trailer park after his father is killed in the war.

He’s seen by his mother, who is a prison guard named Katniss Everdeen.

He also meets Katnis younger sister, Peeta, who’s a soldier with a similar past to his father.

The trailer for “Mock” is a nod to the Hunger Games, which have become a global phenomenon.

The original film’s trailer features footage of the Mockingbins fighting in the streets of Moline, Illinois, in a dystopian future.

It was the inspiration for the trailer’s iconic poster.

The Mocking movie was released in 2014.