Constellation Brands About ‘Star Wars’ star has a new horoscope app: ‘Star Trek Beyond’

‘Star Wars’ star has a new horoscope app: ‘Star Trek Beyond’

Star Wars fans have a new app to keep track of the galaxy’s most iconic characters and iconic scenes, and they’re all looking for it.

Star Wars: The Old Republic’s constellation finders, the latest additions to the massively popular MMO, are available now for Windows and Mac.

It’s a pretty neat concept.

The constellation findors, which can be purchased with real money or with a token, allow players to discover the stars and constellational landmarks of the Star Wars universe and track the locations of key characters and events.

The app lets you browse by star, constellation, planet, star system, moon, planet and star system name, as well as star type and distance.

You can also see how close the constellation is to your current location.

This feature has been popular among Star Wars aficionados who’ve been looking for more of an in-game way to find new planets and stars.

In addition to the constellation findr app, the game is also adding a new in-app horoscope tracker, which lets players track stars, constellatory landmarks and the locations and events associated with them.

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