Constellation Brands About Why is the ‘Star Trek’ universe getting more and more boring?

Why is the ‘Star Trek’ universe getting more and more boring?

With Star Trek, the series has a long and storied history of showing the way forward.

But as the franchise’s popularity has steadily declined, it has become increasingly difficult for the actors and writers to keep up with the technology.

It’s a problem that seems to have gotten even more pronounced with the latest Star Trek movies.

“The problem is, the technology has changed,” executive producer J.J. Abrams told Variety in August.

“We can do this with the actors, and we can do it with the writers.”

Abrams has repeatedly pointed to the increasing popularity of online streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime as a reason why the Star Trek franchise has become more difficult to write.

“I think that people are not really looking for that kind of continuity,” he told Variety.

“And they don’t need to be.”

Abrams is hardly the only one who believes the lack of continuity is the main reason why Star Trek: Discovery, the new spinoff series, is getting so few episodes.

“Star Trek: Voyager,” a series that premiered in 2005, was a long-running, episodic series with a lot of continuity between episodes, which helped to fill in the gaps of what was happening on the ship, but the new series is no different.

The show was set in the near future, so much of the plot has already happened, and there are still many of the same characters.

“What people have been asking for in terms of continuity in these shows is that they should be episodic,” said writer Michael Piller.

“But the truth is, we’re not trying to be episodically.

We’re trying to create an episodic show, and that’s the way it should be.”

But the idea that Star Trek is more than a series of standalone episodes has long been the norm for TV shows, and the trend appears to be continuing with the new Star Trek series.

“This is just a continuation of what we’ve been doing,” said Abrams.

“It’s a continuation and a continuation to what we’re doing.

We have to do that in order to maintain our audience.”

Star Trek’s future remains uncertain, but it’s clear the new Trek series has been in the works for some time.