Constellation Brands Fengshui Stars to join cat cafe’s 13th constellation

Stars to join cat cafe’s 13th constellation

Cat cafes have been popping up all over the world, and in Japan, the idea is that by offering free-range, organic and vegan food, they’ll draw people in.

The concept has been around for a while, but with the popularity of cat cafes in other countries, including the United States, Japan is the first country to implement it fully.

With the cat cafe trend having already caught on in the US, Japan has also become the first to offer cat cafes with the addition of its 13th constellations, according to a news report.

The constellational list is the largest of its kind, according the New York Times.

“It is a new phenomenon, so it’s not clear what the significance of it is,” Yoshitaka Ishihara, the president of the Association of Cat Cafés in Japan (ACCJ), told the Japanese media outlet Kyodo.

“I think that cat cafes will become a very important trend in the future.”

The new constellions include a total of 23, which will be joined by three other celestial bodies.

They will be the brightest of them all, Gemini, Sagittarius and Cancer.

The other two are also called the “twin” stars and will be among the brightest in the sky.

The new constellation is named after the ancient Chinese deity, the “sixteenth moon,” according to the Times.

The new constellation will be visible from Tokyo, the capital of Japan, according a report by the AP news agency.

The association’s chief executive officer, Yoshitaro Nakagawa, told Kyodo that it was also hoped that people in Japan would learn more about the constellaments, including whether or not they can eat the animals in their cat cafes.

“They have a lot of people interested in cat cafes, but we don’t know if people in other parts of the world will be interested,” he said.

“But I hope that there will be people interested, and that people can enjoy the cat cafes as well.”

The 13 constellants are named after 14 different ancient Chinese deities, the Times reported.

“It’s very special to have such a number of constellators in Japan,” a source from the ACCJ told the paper.

The ACCj is not the only group to start the cat-themed cat cafes trend.

In 2014, Japan was the first place to officially offer free-ranging vegetarian cat food, according Kyodo, with other cities like London and Paris also doing the same.