Constellation Brands Fortune How to be a Scorpio tattooed by a Scorpios sister

How to be a Scorpio tattooed by a Scorpios sister

In the past two weeks, more than 1,000 Scorpio tattoos have been created in Argentina.

This is a collective of tattoo artists from the countrys southern border cities of Tepito and Oaxaca.

It’s a way to honor the brothers and sisters who have lost their lives in a mysterious and deadly plane crash.

The first two tattoos are done by a tattoo artist named Luis Guido, who uses the pseudonym Leo, to describe his style.

Luis Guidi, the tattoo artist who is known as Leo, says he wanted to create a unique way to represent his brother and sister in the tattooing world.

He was inspired by the famous “sister tattoo” of a woman who tattooed her sister after she lost her life in the 1973 plane crash in Mexico City.

He says he decided to design his own version of the tattoo.

“I had a hard time with the original one, which was done by an unknown person,” Luis Guidos sister told local media.

“But after talking to several people who have been affected by the plane crash, I decided to make a new one.”

Luis Guidas sister, a retired teacher in the state of Tamaulipas, told La Nacion that he first started the project after seeing a friend of a friend’s brother who had lost his life.

“It was very sad that the person who was responsible for the plane had not been identified and that his brother was not known to anyone,” Luis said.

“This is why I decided on my own to do a sister tattoo.”

He says his sister tattoo is also a reflection of his brother.

“The brothers who have died have been left in a terrible situation, and I wanted to give them a way of being with their family and to be with their friends,” he said.

His sister tattoo also symbolizes the pain that his sister has been going through.

Luis says his sisters brother is also in a lot of pain.

“He was in the middle of a terrible relationship with a woman, and she is not well,” he explained.

“His wife and daughter are very close to him, and it’s very difficult to see that his mother is not here.”

Luis says he has never done a tattoo of a Scorpian before.

“My first tattoo was done in the United States,” he added.

“Since then I have done many other tattoos.

The tattoo in Tamaalipas is not the first time that I have had to change the color of my tattoo to reflect the tragedy of my brother.”

The tattoo of his sister is the second time she has been tattooed in Argentina after a similar event in March when her sister died.

Luis and his brother were on their way to Tamaolipas to attend the funeral of their mother, who had been a passenger on the same plane that crashed.

“She died while in a coma,” Luis told the local media, according to the local broadcaster TV5Monde.

“We are in mourning for her.”

According to the Buenos Aires Times, Luis says that while his brother is suffering in a different way, he and his sister are in love and will always remain loyal to each other.

“If you can be in love with your sister, you can tattoo a sister,” Luis says.

“That’s how I want to make this tattoo.”

Luis told El País that he was also inspired by a friend who also tattooed a Scorpia.

“When he went to Mexico City to collect his sister, he saw the plane that he had never seen and wanted to make an image of her,” Luis explained.

Luis said that he is also inspired when he meets new people.

“You have to be courageous and you have to tell the truth,” he told El Diario.

“Because I don’t have any friends, I have to keep my mouth shut.”

Luis and Leo, who is also the brother of a former mayor of Buenos Aires, both have a lot to say about the situation.

They have a tattoo that reads: “I love you and you are my soul.

You will always be there for me.

And your body will always give you the strength.”

“I’m very happy that my sister has received this tattoo,” Luis added.

The sisters tattoo was created in the city of Tampico, about 100 kilometers (60 miles) north of Buenos Aries.

According to El Diari, the local government of Tumaco approved the project in February 2017, and the project was completed in May.

“La Comunidad, the capital of Tambopata, has a reputation for its strong tattoo culture,” the Tumacos state secretary of education, Alberto López, said in a statement to El Nuevo Herald.

“In the past, we have been able to support these artists and they have been working for a long time in this field.”

According the government