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How to spot the lynx in Ireland


– The lynx is the latest creature to be photographed by a photographer, and now the species is making its way to Ireland.

In a Facebook post on Monday, photographer Justin Waggoner described the lynxes sighting in Dublin as “one of the highlights of my year” as a photographer.

He posted photos of the lynxs on Instagram and Facebook, and posted that the creature appeared to be “small, brown, furry, and somewhat skittish.”

Waggoner said that it was the lynks first sighting of the year, but that it happened when he was taking pictures of a flock of birds in the countryside.

Wagner said that the lyns are the most popular species in the world, with thousands of sightings each year.

“In the wild, lynx can grow to be a size of about 6 feet long and weigh up to a tonne,” he said.

“But in captivity, they’re often kept as pets, especially during the winter, when they don’t like to be outdoors.

Their main prey is small birds, so the lynnys are a perfect choice for photographing birds that aren’t available in the wild.

Lynx sightings in Ireland have also been documented by the National Parks and Wildlife Service.

A study by the NPPS concluded that lynx sightings are “one factor that has contributed to the decline of the Lynx and the Northern Ireland Lynx population in the past 10 years.”

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