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Which Star Wars Tattoo is Best? – Fortune

It’s not just Star Wars tattoos that are becoming more and more popular these days, but there are a number of tattoos in which the iconic character Darth Vader is depicted.

From Star Wars: The Last Jedi to Star Wars Rebels, the most popular tattoos are Darth Vader, Princess Leia, and Boba Fett.

Here are five of our favorite Darth Vader tattoos.


Star Wars #1, by Star Wars artist and tattoo artist Mike Norton 2.

Star War #4, by BobaFett 3.

Darth Vader #4 Tattoo, by Mark Hamill and artist Rian Johnson, Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, 2014 4.

Darth Fett Tattoo by Boban Fett, Star Trek: The Next Generation, 2010 5.

Star Destroyer Tattoo Tattoo from Star Wars by Bob Jaffa and artist Chris Foss, Star Destroyer, 2009 6.

Darth Maul Tattoo and Darth Vader by Mark Millar, StarWars: A New Hope, 2005 7.

Darth Krayt Tattoo – Star Wars Darth Kowalko Tattoo , by Dave McKean and artist Dan McKeon, StarForce: Dark Force Rising, 2004 8.

Darth Mace Windu Tattoo of Mace Windus by Ed Brubaker and artist Dave Mckeon, Force Awakens – The Phantom Menace, 2008 9.

Darth Sidious Tattoo at the end of the Clone Wars movie by Dave McCarthy, StarTrek: The Motion Picture, 2007 10.

Darth Wookiee Tattoo on a Clone Wars Droid by David Gerrold and artist Paul Levitz, StarRise: Clone Wars: Revenge of the Sith, 2006 11.

Star Lord Tattoo in Star Wars, by artist Dave McCarthy and artist Jeff Nelson, StarStar: The Movie, 2004 12.

Starlord Tattoo (BDSM) by DaveMcKean, artist Dave Nelson, and artist Jim Chute, StarShips: The Clone Wars, 2003 13.

Darth Tyranus Tattoo as Darth Vader from Star Trek, by John Lasseter, and John Williams, Star Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, 2002 14.

Darth Palpatine Tattoo featuring Vader from the original Star Wars series by David Goyer, StarCast: The Original Star Wars Series, 2002 15.

Star Force Tattoo for Darth Vader (Jedi Master Tattoo) by Chris Foss and artist Mike Nguyen, Starfighter: The Ultimate Star Wars Collection, 2000 16.

Darth Traya Tattoo depicting Darth Vader with the Emperor’s lightsaber by Chris Harper and artist Mark Hammer, Starring Darth Vader: A Star Wars Story, 1999 17.

Darth Zannah Tattoo to Darth Vader for Darth Maul from StarWars, by George Lucas and artist J.J. Abrams, StarWar: The Final Frontier, 1998 18.

Darth Vulture Tattoo using Darth Vader’s lightsaber for Darth Tray by Bob Lassett and artist Adam Davidson, StarLords: The New Order, 1997 19.

Darth Plagueis Tattoo inspired by the movie Star Wars as Darth Plaguei by Mike Norton and artist Matt Santangelo, StarSpaces: The Making of Star Wars (film), 1995 20.

Darth Sion Tattoo representing Darth Vader and Darth Trays in StarWars by Ed Blum and artist John Jackson Miller, Starfighters: The First 100 Years, 1995 21.

Darth Talon Tattoo with Darth Vader in Darth Vader Tattoo Set by David Mazzucchelli and artist Alexei Kovalev, StarBattles: The Story of the Empire Strikes Back, 1992 22.

Darth Plo Koon Tattoo Star Wars and Darth Maul by artist Bob Ransone, StarVisions: The Battle for Endor, 1992 23.

Darth Yoda Tattoo based on the novel The Phantom of the Opera by Robert A. Heinlein, The Phantom Thief, 1991 24.

Darth Malgus Tattoo illustration by Jim Lachner, Darth Vader & Princess Leia by Dave McDermott, Starwars: The Saga Begins, 1990 25.

Darth Bail Organa Tattoo Art by Mike Nguyen and artist Brian Posehn, StarWars: Rogue One: A Tie-In, 1988 26.

Darth Rivan Tattoo artwork by Mark A. Smith and artist Tony Mazzullo, Star Force: Dark Alliance, 1988 27.

Darth Jabba Tattoo painted by John Ostrander and artist Eric Burda, Star: The Animated Series, 1988 28.

Darth Caderas Tattoo drawn by Mike Mignola and artist Scott Tobias, StarFighters: The Empire Strikes back, 1988 29.

Darth Hutt Tattoo art by Jim McElroy and artist David Marquez, StarClones: The Official Star Wars Novel by John Williams and David Gerber, 1989 30.

Darth Dameron Tattoo created by Chris Copeland and artist Jason Sudeikis, Star-Wars: Rogue Squadron,