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The best constellation tattoos

When it comes to choosing the best constellation tattoo to go with your favourite constellation, the best is hard to beat. 

Star Trek’s Star Trek Tattoo is a very popular constellation tattoo with hundreds of thousands of fans.

The tattoos on the iconic starship have been immortalised by art form and have inspired a whole range of designs for both humans and animals.

There are many options out there for you to choose from, but here are our top five.

The best constellation art style: Star TrekThe Star Trek tattoo is a very common design for Star Trek tattoos, and it’s one of the most popular of all the tattoos for human beings. 

This is an example of the Star Trek ‘s iconic tattoo on a human skin. 

The design is a mix of stars, stripes and starships, with stars on the left, stripes on the right and stars at the bottom.

The design features a central constellation, which represents the Enterprise crew. 

There is a starburst at the centre of the tattoo, and the tattoo also features a cross between the Enterprise and a ship. 

Some of the best tattoo designs are designed to make it look like you’re flying in a space ship, as the design is designed to look like the starburst and the spaceship in space. 

More Star Trek tatas: Star Wars: Star Wars Tattoo Star Wars: A New Hope Tattoo: Darth Vader Tattoo The Empire Strikes Back Tattoo Empire Strikes Home Tattoo Star Trek Tattoos and Star Wars are two of the main things that draw people to Star Trek, and they are both considered a very distinctive style. 

Tattoos on a humanoid are often considered to be the most iconic of the three tattoo styles, but the most distinctive of all is Star Trek’s. 

Starships have been the most prominent motif on the tattoos, with Star Trek featuring on over one million of them. 

Since the original Star Trek movie debuted in 1966, many different tattoo designs have been created to commemorate the iconic franchise.

Tattooing Star Trek and Star Trek: The Original SeriesThe original Star Wars trilogy is one of Star Trek fans favourite films, and many tattoos honour the Star Wars films. 

Although some of the tattoos on Star Trek characters can be seen on the characters face, they usually depict the character’s eyes. 

In the original trilogy, the Tattooing logo was on the inside of the back of a tattoo, with the words ‘The Original Trilogy’ on the back.

The tattoos on Harrison Ford are also inspired by the films, with an intricate Star Trek logo on the chest and his signature hair.

There is also a Star Trek pinata tattoo on the neck. 

Other Star Trek stars: The Original Star Wars tattoo on Luke Skywalker The tattoo on Han Solo is another iconic tattoo in Star Trek lore, and was inspired by his tattoo on Chewbacca. 

Han Solo’s tattoo has been used as a symbol of friendship for many generations, and as such, the tattoo is an homage to Star Wars’ iconic tattoo designs. 

As with Han Solo’s Tattoo, there are several different designs to choose when it comes time to tattoo Han, and there are also many different Star Trek Star Wars tattoos. 

Harrison Ford’s Tattoos: Darth Vader’s Tattotage The tattoo on Darth Vader is an iconic Star Trek design that has been tattooed on hundreds of characters, from characters such as Luke Skywalker and Princess Leia to Han Solo and Chewbaca. 

Each of the images has a distinctive Star Trek character tattoo, such as ‘Darth’ on Han’s right arm, ‘D’ on Leia’s left arm and ‘T’ on Chewie’s right chest. 

One of the better Star Trek artists to use is the artist who created the Darth Vader tattoo, Mark Hamill. 

His tattoos have been a popular choice for Star Wars fans, and have been used for many Star Trek films and TV shows, including Star Trek Voyager, Star Trek Beyond, and Star War: Battlefront. 

Dude is famous for his Darth Vader tattoos, so if you have one of his tattoos on you, you’re in good company. 

A lot of the Tattoos on Star Wars characters can also be seen tattooed onto their bodies. 

Bungie has released several designs for their Star Wars character tattoos, which are pretty similar to those on Han and Chewys tattoos.

The tattoos are pretty unique to the series, and some of them can be found on characters such a Rey, Jyn Erso, or even the iconic character of Darth Vader himself. 

We’d also love to see more Star Trek inspired tattoos.