Constellation Brands Fengshui Benjamin Moore’s Big Bang Theory has $4 billion bill

Benjamin Moore’s Big Bang Theory has $4 billion bill

Benjamin Moore was the star of Big Bang theory and The Biggest Loser but is now a billionaire, according to a new report.

Moore has become a household name after making his millions from The Big Bang and making movies like Big Time Rush and The Martian.

Now, Moore is making a $4.8 billion bill for his company, Moore Energy.

Moore’s company, called Moore, is developing solar-powered solar cars that will go on public roads.

Moore said his company will sell the cars in 2020.

Moore is worth $6.8 trillion, according the New York Times.

The company says Moore Energy’s solar cars are expected to cost $40,000.

Moore, who made his fortune from The Matrix and the television show Lost, is also the creator of the popular television series The Big Bads.

He also created the show Ben 10.

Moore Energy is one of several companies that has been hired to develop solar cars.

Companies that have taken on solar car projects include Tesla Motors, the electric car company that made the $5,000 Model S, and SolarCity, which is building the $10,000 solar-car project in Southern California.

Moore also helped found the company SolarCity.

He said he plans to build a solar car on public streets.

Moore told The New York Daily News that he plans on turning his solar cars into “an affordable transportation solution for our people.”

“I hope to build one in 2020,” Moore said.

Moore was also a contestant on the hit ABC show Big Brother in 2007.

He is the son of legendary comic Jerry Maguire.