Constellation Brands About How to make your own constellation tattoo with FourFourSecond

How to make your own constellation tattoo with FourFourSecond

I made my own constellation tattoos using a technique called constellational tattooing, where I cut the shapes out of paper and glue them onto the back of my finger.

The constellation on my finger is the constellation of Persephone, while the one on my left hand is the constellatio of Venus, and the one in the middle is the one of Jupiter.

It was a lot of fun and I ended up getting three different designs on my fingers. 

One of the constella-tattooing techniques uses a laser, which can be a bit difficult for a newbie to grasp, but I found that the laser worked better for me.

I also used the power of the computer to make the designs.

You can find more details about the techniques and how to make them here .

I was also inspired by the constellation tattoo I got on my arm a few years ago.

This is the Ursa Major constellation in my left arm.

The constellation of Venus is on my right hand, and Venus is a red star. 

My next step is to get all three designs on to my hand.

I’m also planning on making an Ursa Minor constellation tattoo, which is a more limited edition of the constellation.

It will feature a red dot on my hand and a blue star.

I am also considering doing a constellation tattoo for my left eye. 

Finally, I plan on having a constellation with the stars on it tattooed on my back.

It took me a long time to get these tattoos, but after getting them done, I feel like I am ready to get tattooed. 

You can check out some of the designs and get some help if you want to make yours too. 

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